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Special Ed Buses.
Mar 31, 2012 Stephen R4

Special Ed buses are just that Customized MTA Buses that serve the following:


"Paddy Wagon" for riots, events.

Mayors VIP Tour Bus vs limosuine.

The Paddy Wagon can house 40-50 persons & crew of 10-30 officers for Riot Use & or carry Riot Gear to riot scene
Bus would have armor & pop up gun turret.

The Medevac bus can handle up to 40 patients with MedStaff again for disasters, riots, events.

Medievac bus for LAFD.
Paddy Wagon for LAPD & LA Sheriff dept use.

The Mayors VIP Bus would have these:
Fax, Internet Area
Local media section
Mayors office
Guest seating
enclosed driver module
LAPD, LA Sheriff security detail onboard
Radio system
for Citywide tours.

The Paddy Wagon & MedEvac buses can be adapted 4X4 for rough roads post disaster anyplace in LA City.

The City Gen Services would run the Mayors VIP Bus.

The Mayor should use the bus for foreign diplomats to City vs limosuine & use limo for PM events IE Oscar night.

Paddy Wagon bus features:
Lockdown bars.
armor around driver & engine.
Riot Gear locker
divided Inmate Lockup & LAPD Area.
arms locker.
GPS Tracking to Hqs.
Tazer array built into Inmate area.
drop down gun ports for riot use.
Turret pop up: water cannon, Mace, rifle?

All buses customized & made in So CA from orig bus bodies & chassis.

This project is made possible by the Mobility Element and You.
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