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Growing size of CicLAvia will compel LA to make changes
Apr 25, 2012 Dennis H
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The ideas submitted on this website are unlikely to bring about significant changes, there simply is no compeling reason to do anything differently.

One of the reasons the Dutch got a extensive network of bicycle paths built since the early 1970's was from protests, as this video by Mark Wagenbuur points out.

In many ways the large scale bicycling event CicLAvia is a demonstration of how cycling can be a major part of transportation in Los Angeles if the conditions are made comfortable enough for anyone to bicycle. Paint treatments alone will not make cycling irresistable on busy streets.

Even though the estimated attendance for the last CicLAvia was 100,000 people, the size of CicLAvia is bound to grow significantly as much more bicycle lanes are built that will provide a more comfortable and encouraging way to get to the event. Currently, there is only a handful of bike lanes within miles of CicLAvia.

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