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Create traffic island bus stops that incorporate bike paths
Apr 10, 2012 Dennis H
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The main reason that most people who would like to bike more, but don't, is the fear of having to ride on a street with motorized traffic. Increase the sense of safety by creating 8-foot wide bus stop traffic islands that are located at least 6-feet away from the original curb. The bus benches, bus shelters and bike parking can be moved to the traffic island, freeing up sidewalk space for walking and easier movement for wheelchairs.

The 6-foot space between this bus stop traffic island and the original curb would be for a bike path. This would provide a curb barrier to keep the traffic to the left of the bikes up until the intersection and the eight foot wide traffic island would provide a buffer to reduce the discomfort of traffic noise for cyclists or pedestrians.

This combination of 8-foot wide traffic island and 6-foot wide bike path would shorten the distance and time for pedestrians to cross the street

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