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Northeast LA to Downtown LA by Bike
Apr 27, 2012 Severin M

A popular bike route from Northeast LA to downtown LA is: taking Eagle Rock Boulevard to Cypress Avenue to Figueroa to San Fernando Road (if you are on the East side of Northeast LA then usually just take Figueroa to San Fernando). Then from San Fernando take a right on Pasadena Avenue followed by a left at Avenue 18. Take Avenue 18 and make a right onto Spring Street. Take Spring Street to downtown.

If this route could be enhanced to provide a fluid path of safe bicycle facilities (cycle tracks, bike lanes, signage throughout, intersection treatment/guidance) bicycling could serve as a viable and safe alternative to taking the bus to reach downtown. Many younger residents of Northeast LA go downtown to catch Metro's Silver Line to Cal State LA (Eagle Rock High School is the biggest feeder school to Cal State LA). By providing a safe, continuous bicycle route that is well signed then residents of Northeast LA will have a safe connection to downtown. Students from Northeast LA attending Cal State LA could be less reliant on private motorized vehicles as they could cycle to downtown then bus to school (or even take their bikes on the Silver Line's racks).

Providing this route could very well be a major step towards a multi-modal Los Angeles.

This project is made possible by the Mobility Element and You.
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